Tubing Installation

Professional installation of a modern maple syrup tubing system is the most effective way to increase your operations productivity. A well installed tubing system can provide many years of high productivity, doubling your production over the use of pails. Even replacing tubing over 10 years old can increase your production. We install a variety of systems from high vacuum single conductors to the dual (wet/dry) conductor, or non vacuum (gravity flow). We use the latest non-recycled, food grade plastic tubing with a high ultra violet rating that will provide many years of consistent production. All of the fittings used on the “wet” mainlines are stainless steel. These fittings improve sap flow and resist mold growth better than plastic fittings.

We offer customized tubing systems utilizing the latest in tubing technology supported by H2O Innovation Inc. of Quebec, Canada, a leader and innovator in the maple syrup industry.

Tubing Installation Benefits

Tubing can also help to improve the health and quality of your sugarbush by reducing:

- The potential for over tapping
Soil compaction and erosion
- Repetitive root damage by collection vehicles
during the most fragile season of your woodlot.


We also offer maple syrup tubing installation seminars to interested groups throughout the maple producing states. Please contact us for more information