Tucked away in the rural area of Claridon, Ohio, 35 miles from the busy streets of Cleveland, lies a small wooden cabin. Hidden from the view of the occasional passerby, only the sight of a white cloud rising above the treeline gives evidence to its existance. Should you wander too close during the late-winter and
early-spring months, it becomes apparent the visible cloud is not the result of burning wood, but rather, a light steam that carries with it the fragrance of one of nature's many gifts, maple syrup.

As a member of the Ohio Maple Producers Association, Grossman Brothers Maple Products (GBMP) produces some of the area's highest quality, completely organic, maple syrup. We currently offer our maple products year round in a variety of container sizes and custom glass. please contact us for availability and pricing

Using high-quality vacuum tubing, the raw sap is collected, passed through an ultraviolet light to eliminate micro-organisms, and enters the wood fired evaporator.  All of GBMP's equipment is welded stainless steel, helping to guarantee no tin or lead contamination. When the sap has finished the evaporation process, the end result is delicious, 100% organic maple syrup. The freshly created syrup is then removed, filtered, and stored in food grade drums. Finally, upon your order, the syrup is reheated, filtered a second time, and immediately packed away in plastic jugs or custom glass.

At Grossman Brothers Maple Products, we pride ourselves on quality work. To us, a satisfied customer is our best advertisement!